Stian Remvik Datagrafikk

Raspberry Pi Notes

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer at the size of a credit card. As I discover ways of using the Raspberry Pi, I take notes on how to do things. Both for my own sake to look up later, and for others who are interested in the Pi. The methods I describe here are not necessarily the only or right way, but they have worked for me.

«Harmonic Connection», 2017 interactive installation
«Words Images Thought Objects», by Vilde Salhus Røed.
Mobile art app
«BITWaves2» mobile app
«Neightbours», 2014 installation
«Late into that night, and all the following nights»,
2013 installation by Asbjørn Hollerud
«Bergen Reads», 2013 interactive installation
«Cubes», 2013 animation
«Hush!», 2011 interactive installation
«The Sound of Pictures», 2010 installation
«The Mask», 2008 animation