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Raspberry Pi Notes

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer at the size of a credit card. As I discover ways of using the Raspberry Pi, I take notes on how to do things. Both for my own sake to look up later, and for others who are interested in the Pi. The methods I describe here are not necessarily the only or right way, but they have worked for me.

"BITWaves" iOS app
Raspberry Pi Notes
"Neighbours" video installation
Electronic Vintage Bit20 concert visuals
"Late into that night, and all the following nights" installation
"Bergen Leser" installation
"Cubes" animation
NRK3 identity film
"Hush!" installation
"The sound of pictures" installation
Concert visuals Knekklectic
Hulen Bergen posters and design
Notes on programming and other technical difficulties

Multi screen video with Multiscreener on Mac
Seamless looping video player on Raspberry Pi using openFrameworks