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Audio file and video simultaneously

If you need to play an audio file and a video file simultaneously at boot, you can do it with a hello_video program for the video and a looping script for the audio. This method will NOT make them run in sync. There are several ways of making them start at boot, but the way I made it work was by starting the hello video program first with ‘/etc/rc.local’. (I also added ‘setterm’ to hide the console behind the video):

$ sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Then add this at the bottom (replace with your own directory with the program files):

setterm -cursor off
setterm -blank force
cd /home/pi/audioVideo/
./hello_video.bin test.h264

Then started the audio file with cron:

$ sudo crontab -e

Then added this line at the bottom:

@reboot cd /home/pi/audioVideo/ && ./
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