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Clone SD card on Mac

You can use the Apple-Pi baker application to clone the SD card, or do it manually like described here:

Clone your Raspberry Pi SD card with the “dd” command line tool. First set up your Raspberry Pi to your liking. Then turn off the Pi and put the card into your Mac.

WARNING 1! Be sure to check your values carefully like the “/dev/disk1”. If you type something wrong, you may damage your computer.

WARNING 2! This method will not work with Noobs, only clean Raspbian.

1. Find the name of your SD card

Type this command in the terminal on your Mac:

$ diskutil list

The name will be something like:


2. Make and compress image file of the SD card

Type this command to make the image file. “if” stands for “input file” which in this case is the SD card. The prefix “r” points to the card’s raw storage space to speed up the process. “of” stands for “output file” and will be placed on your Desktop. “bs” stands for “block size” where 1m is nice. You also use the “sudo” command and will be asked for your Mac password. The image file will be quite large. So it’s a good idea to compress it if you plan on having it on your computer. We use the Unix “pipe” symbol to route the output of “dd” not to a file, but to the gzip utility. Type this in your terminal:

$ sudo dd if=/dev/rdisk1 bs=1m | gzip > /Users/Yourname/Desktop/pi.gz

Command to make image file without compression:

$ sudo dd if=/dev/rdisk1 of=/Users/Yourname/Desktop/pi.img bs=1m

3. Unmount SD card (not eject)

You need to “unmount” - not “eject” - your SD card before you can write to it. Enter:

$ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1

4. Reflash the SD card

Type this command to start the reflashing of your SD card.

$ gzip -dc /User/Yourname/Desktop/pi.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/rdisk1 bs1m
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