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files list for package ‘xxx’ is missing final newline

I got this error when trying to install Pd-extended deb package:

files list for package libjpeg62-turbo-dev:armhf.list is missing final newline

I found this script on the Ubuntu forums which solved the problem:

# 8th November, 2009
# update manager failed, giving me the error:
#       'files list file for package 'xxx' is missing final newline' for every package.
# some Googling revealed that this problem was due to corrupt files(s) in /var/lib/dpkg/info/
# looping though those files revealed that some did not have a final new line
# this script will resolve that problem by appending a newline to all files that are missing it
# NOTE: you will need to run this script as root, e.g. sudo python

import os

dpkg_path = '/var/lib/dpkg/info/'
paths = os.listdir(dpkg_path)
for path in paths:
    path = dpkg_path + path
    f = open(path, 'a+')
    data =
    if len(data) > 1 and data[-1:] != '\n':
        print 'added newline character to:', path
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