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Install openFrameworks on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 2

Install Open Frameworks on Raspberry Pi 2

oF 0.8.4

Remove python-argparse from

Install Noobs

First you have to install Raspbian Wheezy or Noobs.

Upgrade software

Make sure you have the latest software version with apt-get upgrade.

Download openFrameworks

On your pc/mac download the latest version for linux armv6. Unzip the tar file into a directory called ‘openFrameworks’ and copy the directory to the ‘/home/pi/’ directory on the pi using e.g. samba or ftp.

Compile openFrameworks

This step will take approximately 1 hour when compiling on the Raspberry Pi. Make sure the cpu has 192mb of memory in the ‘memory split’ option under ‘advanced options’ in raspi-config. OpenFrameworks should now be in the directory ‘/home/pi/openFrameworks’. Run the following commands to install the necessary packages:

$ cd /home/pi/openFrameworks/scripts/linux/debian_armv6l

$ sudo ./

Then start compiling openFrameworks:

$ make Release -C /home/pi/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project

Compile your first app

Inside the ‘/openFrameworks/example/’ folder you will find example projects to test. To compile an application go to the directory of the example you will compile. From ‘/home/pi/openFrameworks/’ type:

$ cd /examples/3d/3DPrimitivesExample/

Then type ‘make’ to compile:

$ make

And ‘make run’ to run the program:

$ make run

Another way to run the program is to go into the ‘/bin/’ directory and run the app file directly:

$ cd bin

Then run the file:

$ ./3DPrimitivesExample
«Harmonic Connection», 2017 interactive installation
«Words Images Thought Objects», by Vilde Salhus Røed.
Mobile art app
«BITWaves2» mobile app
«Neightbours», 2014 installation
«Late into that night, and all the following nights»,
2013 installation by Asbjørn Hollerud
«Bergen Reads», 2013 interactive installation
«Cubes», 2013 animation
«Hush!», 2011 interactive installation
«The Sound of Pictures», 2010 installation
«The Mask», 2008 animation