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PiWall is an open source project letting you spread a video over several screens.


Install the mp3 player mpg123:

$ sudo apt-get install mpg123

Video format:

Doesn’t work properly with h264. Use mpeg4 avi fmpg4.

Use ffmpeg to encode videofile:

$ ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -qscale 0 -vcodec mpeg4 -acodec mp3 output.avi

Resolution two screen sync two videos: 1920x540 resolution


$ avconv -v quiet -re -i -vcodec copy -f avi -an udp:// -acodec copy -f mp3 pipe: | mpg123 -


$ pwomxplayer —config=my_config udp://

Autostart at boot: (can be aborted with ‘ctrl-c’ when video is playing!). Type the above commands at the bottom of ‘/home/pi/.bashrc’

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